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Imgpressor is an online image compressor tool that can compress your images for faster and better loading.

Compressed images are automatically deleted after an hour to protect your privacy. Please download files before they are deleted.

What is image compression?

Image compression is the Technique of compressing images to smaller sizes. By compressing your images you can have freedom of storage spaces in your device or in your web hosting packages. If you have compressed images or low sized images in your website, then you will have faster web load time, which improves your SEO infront of Search Engines.

Compress your Image

Websites that do not follow best practices for images take ages to load, consume too much RAM, and even kill our mobile data packets. Moreover, nobody likes waiting for a web page to load for hours, right? That’s where image compression tool comes in. Our free online Image Compressor tool is used to reduce image file size, to optimize images for websites and enhance site SEO.

What is used for?

Image compression reduces the size of image files without sacrificing quality, thus, increasing the speed at which these files can be transmitted and decreasing the amount of internet bandwidth needed to transfer them.
The online image compressor uses photo optimization algorithms to reduce image file size without compromising on their quality as much as possible.

How does it works?

We provide three ways for importing the image. First, you can import your image file from your local device memory by clicking the Upload button. Second by drag and drop the image to the box, Third, you can paste the link of your already published image into the text box. Our system will automatically download the image from your provided link.